Edenia Archuleta

Popping/Fusion Bellydance

What people are saying about LIL E!
This page was inspired by the one and only Frederique www.theladyfred.com
"Edenia holds the 'West Coast Original' title for fusion belly dance popper and is truly a talent to behold; she is one fusion belly dancer that still inspires and impresses me every time I see her on stage. She is fluid, graceful, and powerful when performing and is genuine and sweet in person to boot! I am honored to share the stage with such a quality dancer.
- The Lady Fred"


  Edenia is the perfect blend of bellydance and hip hop. bam!

-Ebony Qualls





  • I don't dole out compliments like crazy. The reason being that when I compliment someone, I want them to know I really really mean it and I mean it when I say that you knocked me over last night lady. You killed it and you need to take that shit on the road and share it with the world. Damn!!!
-Sherri Wheatley
  •  Edenia is one of the most promising fusion dancers on the scene. Her skill and passion for all styles of dance shine through when she performs. If you want to see crazy-make-your-head-spin performances then you want Edenia. She's electric,mesmerizing and unforgettable!

-Nina Nisha


  •  Edenia, YOU are the bomb. I want the whole world to know... every time I watch you dance you get better and better and you inspire me to no end AND you move like liquid and you have a natural talent and dance quality that is like none other...I swear. you are an inspiration. not kidding. 

         ~Ariellah Darker Still



  •  Another gorgeous dancer and instructor from San Bernardino, Edenia is the SoCal queen of pop and lock! She has crazy skills, and a super-sweet personality.

 -Roxanne  Goon


  • When one first sees Edenia dance, it is breathtaking. I was completely enthralled by her special brand of belly dance, seamlessly fused together and punctuated with intense, heart-stopping power. Watching Edenia dance, you are faced with one problem; you can't blink! If you take your eyes off her for one second, you will miss something magical. Every move she makes is extraordinary. Be prepared for a journey to "somewhere else"...where anything is possible and there are no boundaries. One cannot hope to resist being touched by her powerful spirit. When Edenia dances, she does not just dance; she dances my soul.
~Heidi Jacobs